Standard Time

'Standard Time' is a film based performance by a Berlin artist Mark Formanek, in cooperation with Datenstrudel, Jörn Hintzer & Jakob Hüfner GbR. 70 workers created a digital time display, made out of wooden boards. They rebuilt each digit number every... Continue Reading →


Numbers from Grozny

Aslan Gaisumov's works appeal to memories of recent events in his home country that left their own traces beyond the official historical record: the deportations and catastrophic devastation left by the two Chechen wars (1994-96 and 1999-2009) in the Caucasus. The capacity for... Continue Reading →

Designing by Numbers_Karel Martens

Dutch-based graphic designer, Karel Martens has been experimenting with numbers, colours and abstract figures. The project he shows in a picture above is ‘magic square’ configuration from Vedic mathematics. There is no number above 9 in Vedic mathematics, so 10... Continue Reading →

Nineteen Eighty-Four (2014)

The number '1984' is well-known as a book title written by George Orwell. In addition to that, my birth of year is '1984', so artwork or novel inspired by the number of '1984' particularly catch my eyes. Electronic artist, Rafael... Continue Reading →

two plus two equals five

'Two plus two makes four.' This is the precise term that we all know without a doubt. 'Tow plus two makes five.'  The above sentence makes you feel confused and raises a question about the number 'five'. How it can... Continue Reading →

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