Aslan Gaisumov, Numbers, 2015 

Aslan Gaisumov’s works appeal to memories of recent events in his home country that left their own traces beyond the official historical record: the deportations and catastrophic devastation left by the two Chechen wars (1994-96 and 1999-2009) in the Caucasus. The capacity for memory and the value of knowledge about the past are displayed as treasures that may be preserved beyond the present and should be passed on.

In this wall installation, which comprises the number signs of destroyed buildings, he breaks the collective silence about eh scale of destruction at a time when a new city is being constructed – on the back of these newly-erected, Western-oriented city facades, the past lives on in pictures of refugees, stories of victims, personal mementos, and abandoned historical architectural elements.

(credit: text from an exhibition ‘Uncertain States‘ at Akademie der Künste’)