Mark Formanek, Standard Time  

Standard Time‘ is a film based performance by a Berlin artist Mark Formanek, in cooperation with Datenstrudel, Jörn Hintzer & Jakob Hüfner GbR.

70 workers created a digital time display, made out of wooden boards. They rebuilt each digit number every minute, so the changes were in total 1611times in 24hours. It was filmed with a TV tower background in a city Berlin.

‘Standard Time’ – Timelapse

„Standard Time is a performance lasting exactly 24 hours and recorded on film. However, this film is much more than just the recording of an action, the recording of something that has taken place in the past; it is also a clock. A clock for use right now and in the future which, as each day goes by, extends further into the past, but is still up-to-date and punctual”.
Mark Formanek

DVD ‘Standard Time

The artwork ‘Standard Time‘ is also available as DVD, which can be synchronised with a clock on your computer, iPhone or iPod. Further information is on the ‘Standard Time‘ official website:

Making Film of ‘Standard Time’ 


Images, Video clips © Mark Formanek – VG Bildkunst, Datenstrudel, Jörn Hintzer & Jakob Hüfner GbR.